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AEco PA™, a engineered countertop alternative from our Original PA quarry. The development of Eco PA to use one hundred percent of every soapstone block quarried. Through a process of grinding, filtering, adding the perfect mix of resin & pigment, a vibrio vacuum compressing process, then a finishing process that produces this beautiful surface we feel we have found a way to produce the first manmade “soapstone”. And ironically out of what was seldom used soapstone. Of course the best part is that it is produced with highly regarded Original PA material.

While Eco PA is not a replacement for Original PA it is a nice companion product as it does offer the look and feel of the popular soapstone. In fact it looks more consistent as veins are not prevalent nor are the fissures or possible cracks that come with natural stone. The aesthetics are very similar to Original PA Soapstone, and why shouldn’t it be as it’s made primarily from the same material.

Eco PA provides the soapstone market a perfect fit for those soapstone enthusiast that want the soapstone look without the maintenance that comes with natural stone. For the fabricator the 3cm material cuts and installs like similar solid surfaces.